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Durock V2 Screw-In Stabilizers

Regular price $19.00

EDIT: From now on, all stabilizer kits will include both a 6.25u and 7u wire.
2 Kit Colors Smokey (Black) Transparent (Clear)
4 2U Stabilizers are included with every kit
  • Smokey or Transparent Housing
  • Pre-Clipped 
  • Gold Plated Steel Wires

Comes with 

  • 1x 6.25U Gold-Plated Steel Wire
  • 1x 7U Gold-Plated Steel Wire
  • 10x Housing and Stems
  • 5x Gold-Plated Steel Wire
  • 10x Gold-Plated Screws
  • 10x Washers
  • Stabilizer Stickers